Friday, May 24, 2013

Ideamine at it again - stealing feedback this time.

Unfortunately, it's time to make another post about Ideamine - aka Peter Lowe and "Man of Action". Ideamine is another football customizer who has gone to great lengths to fool his customers.

Here is my original post about Ideamine and a fraudulent eBay auction he was running.

This post of course led to Peter creating multiple blogs to attack me. He has also taken to commenting on my blog here as "anonymous" and trashing my work and threatening me.

Here is a blog that he created pretending to be me supporting Ideamine. Really????

This all started because Ideamine was stealing pictures of other customizers finished pieces and passing them off as his own. A quick visit to his website will show a combination of his own work along with countless other customizers.

This blog of Ideamine's has to be one of the worst offenses. Here he has stolen the images of NFL players holding other people's customs and claiming these are all customers of his. To his credit, Devon Bess & Ricky Williams are holding Ideamine's customs but most likely this was at an autograph signing. I highly doubt they were actually ordered by Bess & Williams.

And now here is Ideamine's latest offense, stealing feedback from THIS BLOG and putting it on his own:

Lee Hillman has been a great customer of mine and I hate seeing his name misrepresented on this fraud's website. Pictures don't lie luckily. You can clearly see he took the feedback from my blog, twisted the wording and applied it to his.

Most people had assumed that all the feedback on Ideamine's website was made up by Peter himself but I think this pretty much proves it. If we know for sure that Ideamine stole this bit of feedback, I think we can assume it is all made up.

Congratulations Peter, you've proven yourself a fraud once again. What did you have to gain by stealing my feedback? Did you think someone wouldn't notice that? Are you not clever enough to even make up your own line of BS about yourself? Now you've just proven again that you are a thief.


Lee Hillman said...

Jeremy, sorry to see your great works shamed by another taking credit. If anyone cares to read the older posts about ideamine(note not in capital letters)as he doesn't deserve them they can see I did commemt on your website about him and it certainly wasn't complimentary! A thief is a thief whether it be a word or a figure and that says volumes. Hang tough for your work is excellent and the creme always rises to the top. Turds do float but are just floatsome. Lee Hillman and thanks for your advice on doing another custom and waiting for Mcfarlane coming out with cheaper verson of Jordy Nelson! Great customizer like you to help me save money and add to my Packers collection.

Jeremy said...

Anytime Lee! I appreciate your support as always.

etcsportscustoms said...

Yes, once again Peter Lowe (aka ideamine, aka man of action) proves he is nothing but a liar a thief and a fraud. He has been pulling his fraudulent stunts with other customizers since 2006 when he began stealing the artistic works of others and tried to pass it off as his own. Sorry he keeps dragging you back into his loser fantasy world Jeremy....

Jeremy said...

Uhhhnm...Peter, the real Lee Hillman already commented above. Nice try though. I hope your potential customers all see this post because this is no way to behave. How about you apologize for stealing everyone's photos, take all those photos off your websites and be done with this nonsense. If you don't, I will continue to expose you as a thief. Trust me, my reputation is well known and well respected and you are only making yours worse. Give it up and remove my content and everyone else's content from your sites.

Jeremy said...

Also Peter, you'll notice that when the real Lee comments it says "Lee Hillman said..." That's because the real Lee is commenting under his own account.

When you comment it says, "Anonymous said..." It's kind of a giveaway. I'll give you an example though to show you how it works and I'll try to use small words for you.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lowe

Look Peter, I'm pretending to be you! I just click "anonymous" and then write your name. Wow! That was easy.

I, Peter Lowe steal other customizers feedback and photos and pass them off as my own. I am truly sorry for my actions.

Sincerely, Peter Lowe, Ideamine, aka "Man of Action"

Not very convincing, is it Peter?

Anonymous said...

Dude you always have something to say or make up about ideamine, plowe or whatever. I just went to his website page I did not see anything about Lee Hillman. Dude you got to stop with your hard on, for ideamine and get a life. Shit try to get attention a better way. You Jeremy and Eric and Jomo with alpha ram, need to just stop with the hateraid. WHAT ELSE CAN IT BE? DAMN! You guys are worse then woman in a hair salon. Blah blah blah blah shut up already. Todd former member of the Spawn Board!

Jeremy said...

Yeah! Peter, you deleted the fake Lee comment from your website like I asked. That wasn't so hard was it? I see you can man up and admit that you stole my feedback though. Good thing I snapped that picture so we all have it as evidence. Now, just delete the rest of the photos you stole of other's people works and MAYBE I'll take down my blog posts about you.

Oh, and man up and stop posting under anonymous Peter. Todd from the spawn board? Really? Todd who? Instead of wasting my time, invest yours in some painting lessons or something. Please, it's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Mikey and I want to admit that I have helped Peter Lowe try and steal and cheat people with his customs on ebay. We met on the schoolbus (the short one) when we were kids. We both wore the same white safety helmet and liked to lick the windows so we became good friends. Anyway, a couple years ago I was visiting Peter in his moms basement when he told me he had this idea (he called it an ideamine) that I could bid on his custom figures on ebay to try and drive the prices up for him. After no one else bid on his figures and I ended up winning them he said to just go ahead and make up good feedback for him and that would make him look like a great artist. He created a couple fake ebay accounts to bid on his own figures to make it look like he got lots of bids and we would bid against each other for his figures. I don’t get how it helps him when we are the only ones that bid on his figures and he doesn’t end up making him any money but Peter says it makes him look like a great artist. We would spend hours in his moms basement coloring those little football players with crayons and sharpies trying to copy some of the other figures we would see on the internet. We even used his moms lipstick on some to make it look like blood. Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that I did that stuff and I just wanted Peter to know that I don’t want to try and make him look like a great artist any more. I just want to play with our army men and make youtube videos with that cool Godzilla he has like we use to.

Jeremy said...

Okay, that is seriously funny. Easily comment if the year. Thanks for making my night.