Thursday, May 2, 2013

JJ Watt - Houston Texans - Custom McFarlane Sportspicks figures

Being a Wisconsinite, I love my Badgers. So I love any opportunity to make a JJ Watt figure. Luckily, I've recently had three separate requests for different versions of JJ.

First up is JJ Watt from his his college days as a Wisconsin Badger. I work with a good friend of JJ's cousin so he was able to get this signed.

The second order was for JJ Watt in his "battle red" Texans jersey. I went with the same pose as my original Badgers version but added a completely scratch-built arm brace identical to what JJ Watt wore during the 2012 NFL season.

The most recent version is Watt in the "steel blue" jersey doing a "Watt Swat". Given how well this pose fits Watt, I wouldn't be surprised if McFarlane uses this pose for Watt's debut figure. Though if anyone deserves an original sculpt it's Watt.


Lee Hillman said...

Jeremy, Like all your Watt figures but of course I like mine the best as the last one shown. Was so pleased with the custom of Cobb as I told you when we e-mail as his figure seems to breathe it's so lifelike and much better than the picture I sent you! As you know, liked it so much I sent you six more for repaints and have three more ready--all Packers. Can't thank you enough for you artistic and realistic works. Regards, Lee Hillman and Go Packers!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Lee! You were a pleasure to work with. I love the chance to work on figures of my favorite players or favorite team. Looking forward to rest!

Dee Rozay said...

Can I get your contact info

Jake Klein said...

hi I'd like to order a custom JJ Watt Badger figure; can you lmk if this is possible and the price, etc?


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