Friday, May 10, 2013

Randall Cobb & Don Hutson - Green Bay Packes New School & Old School - custom McFarlane Sports figures

It was week 14 of the 2012 NFL season on a cold Lambeau Field. Aarron Rodgers threw high pass to an open Randall Cobb who made an astonishing one-handed grab for a 24-yard gain. My customer Lee, couldn't have picked a cooler play to have immortalized in plastic!

View the play here on

Now let's jump back about 70 years as we revisit a play between the Green Bay Packers & the Detroit Lions. Here we see Don Hutson hauling in a pass in stride. This is my second attempt at this custom pose but my first adding in the defender. Click here to see my original post. I've come a long way in my sculpting and painting. I love dissecting a 2-dimensional image like this and bringing it to life in 3-dimensions. Since we don't readily available video of this play, this becomes the only view at how this play may have looked from every direction.

It's hard now to choose which is my favorite historical reenactment - this classic Hutson match-up or my Bednarik over Gifford custom. What do you guys think?


Lee Hillman said...

Jeremy, Love your rendition of Cobb and your old school is wonderful as well. Believe it or not that was before my time. Love them both as all your renditions bring the "olden times to life" and preserve current players skills as well. Your works are great and you are such a talent. Regards, Lee Hillman/Hazard, Ky.

the 'stache said...

Jeremy, I have seen several people doing custom Mcfarlanes. Yours are, by far, the creme de la creme, the absolute best I've ever seen. There are SO many players I wish that could have been done, lots of Packers, especially, that never were. Some players were before there time. Some were just never done.

I'm going to look through your site more, and see who else you've done. Hopefully, Ted Thompson resigns Randall Cobb soon, and Mcfarlane does one of him that I can buy. There's a very good chance. But that Don Hutson is fantastic! And that's one I'd love to own.

I pray you are still doing these. And if you do baseball, too, well, I might just have to hire you.

Chapeau, on some fabulous work! William G

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